Enjoy tailor-made private lessons and duets to get the best result or take part in small group classes in a beautiful and stimulating environment. Our schedule is designed so you can work out five days a week and get a different class each day. Our classes are open for every age group and you will improve your overall health, strength and feel rejuvenated. Plexus is unique to provide for clients of all ages a save and stimulating physical experience.


A revolutionary approach to health and fitness. The best of Pilates, Yoga, orthopedic biomechanics and physical therapy in one method. An effective way of getting stronger, leaner, and more agile.


A time tested way of creating both inner strength and awareness, and is fundamental in setting the practitioner on a path towards mindfulness in everyday life. At Plexus you experience Yoga for every level.


Enjoy a fully equipped classical Pilates studio. Improve flexibility, maintain muscle tone and stay conditioned with Privates and Duet lessons in studio and online. In direct lineage with Joseph Pilates, our third-generation teachers are fully qualified to meet your needs.

Body Bare Method

Plexus approach to the Barre is making it fun, safe but intense. Barre will strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk through a cardiovascular workout.