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Now, more then ever, physical health and consciousness is vital. Experienced instructor trainers, who can mentor you on your educational path, will allow you to become the best teacher possible.
We are giving you the opportunity to study exclusively our Plexus method or the classical mat Pilates training program.

What is the Plexus method?

With over nineteen years of experience in fitness and medical field Jonathan has developed and codified the Plexus method, a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and athletic training that uses the most effective and clinically tested elements, to improve the health of clients of any age. The method is based on a 7-tier system: stability, strength, resistance, flexibility, elasticity, agility and balance. The use of Yoga philosophy that gives the Plexus pyramid its structure is a way of adapting ancient knowledge on order to practice and use these principles in a modern and coherent way.

The Plexus philosophy uses the Chakra wheels of energy as starting point from which to understand the body, by adding the practical clinical knowledge necessary to understand how to properly treat and train people in the modern world. The integration of these old and new concepts unites to form the Plexus. The anatomical understanding in this method serves to address the pathologies of the main joints of the human body, that are commonly involved in rehabilitation and strengthening.

Course purpose:

This course is designed for current healthcare professionals and fitness trainers. It will aim to combine the use of Yoga philosophy, with the seven wheels of Energy that gives the Plexus pyramid its structure. This 7-tier system is revolutionary in its approach and you will learn how to adapt ancient knowledge and use these principles in a modern and coherent way.  The in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics build the theoretical basis, which will be completed with an extensive practical part of new exercises.

Through the techniques outlined in the method such as correct observation, the STTT technique, key muscle testing, neurological testing, and reading and interpreting the client’s history correctly, you will be able to begin to understand which roads to take on the path to rehabilitation and recovery. If you apply the principles of this method, you will have the ingredients to mix them just the way you like it, keeping you creative and inspired, while following a structured method. That inspiration will be seen by others and you will have the power to significantly change people’s lives.

Duration of the course:

The duration of the module is from the first lecture weekend through to the hand-in date of the final assessment. The duration of this course is about eight months. It might vary based on your background. The final assessment will consist in a practical and theoretical exam. The practical exam will consist of applying the plexus method to a case study. You will design a plexus class. The theoretical exam will consist of a questionnaire based on your manual. We also offer the possibility to train online. In order to enroll the program, you first have to go through a series of interviews. For those in Rome we advise to take plexus classes in studio to understand the method better.

Once you completed your certification you will have the recognition to teach the Plexus method. Our school is certified by the A.S.I., the Italian Association of Sports which is connected to the C.O.N.I. Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano.

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Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness- Joseph Pilates

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