Teacher training

A new method. New movements. An innovation.

Get ready to rejuvenate your life. With over nineteen years of experience in fitness and medical field Jonathan Medros has developed the plexus method.

The plexus method is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness. Unique and unparalleled within the industry.

No single method can ever resolve the complexity of challenges affecting our health: Age related degenerative processes Stress and environment related issues. Activity or work related problems (injuries, chronic pain, etc) Most methods are based on short term “maquillage”, rather than long term deep transformation. We created a solution and it’s called the plexus method. 

What is the plexus method? 

The method is based on a 7-tier system which uses Yoga philosophy, adapting ancient knowledge in order to practice these principles in a modern and coherent way. Combining this with elements of Pilates, orthopaedic biomechanics and anatomy, creates the unique plexus method. 


Becoming a part of the plexus method is more than just simply training people. It is becoming part of something bigger, giving people the chance to live healthier and longer. 

The plexus method allows you to:

– Obtain long lasting clients as it aims to progressively improve a client’s wellbeing.

– Keep clients in shape and healthy through to old age.

– Take clients from rehabilitation to athletic performance.

– Obtain an abundance of knowledge from various modalities.

This course is perfect for physiotherapists or practitioners with a clinical background who want to become great fitness instructors or, for personal trainers who want to take a deep dive into anatomy and exercise physiology to become more complete teachers.  

Course Outline:

For the duration of the course, you will be taught by Jonathan the method creator himself, providing you with the utmost quality of teaching and mentoring throughout your journey.  

Available to complete both online and in person. The course has a duration of 8 months and once completed you will have the recognition to teach the Plexus method. Our school is certified by the A.S.I., the Italian Association of Sports which is connected to the C.O.N.I. Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (Italian National Olympic Committee). 


Detailed brochure provided upon inquiry.

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