Pre and postnatal

As a mother of two small children, Teresa has experienced the benefit of practicing Pilates and Yoga before, during and after pregnancy, giving her a wealth of knowledge on this delicate niche in the Pilates and fitness world. This experience has increased Teresa’s empathy deeply and with her understanding of the female body, she is able to help her clients to get fit in a safe way. Amongst the benefits that her Pre-and Post-natal clients have received are ability to manage back pain, maintain strength and conditioning, and shorten recovery times post-partum. Also skilled in dealing with cases involving injuries and rehabilitation, Teresa has learned that Pilates can work not only as a workout, but also as healing method. She teaches on regular basis workshops about the diastasis recti and the pelvic floor, learning that these exercises are beneficial for every age. Teresa collaborates with an international platform for mothers around the world called belliesabroad.com. 

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