No diet works for everyone. That’s why we individualize your needs with specific meal plans that fit you best. No more guesswork or calorie counting – we develop a plan tailored just for you. We can further customize your nutrition with DNA testing, to get you on the path to healthier eating habits and achieving your goals. Come see us today and find out how easy and enjoyable conscious eating can be!

Our Nutritionist can Help you with:

Weight management

Balance sugar level and prevent diabetes

Improve cardiovascular health

Cognitive clarity and function

Prevent pathologies through DNA Testing


DNA Test: Sensitivity / Intolerances Line Test

DNA Test: Health and Wellness Line

DNA Test: Sport Line

Passionate about biology and nature. Alessia has a Master’s Degree in Food Science- University of Florence and a Master in Medical Genetics- University of Siena.
Her passion to deepen her studies knowledge studies in different biological disciplines (mainly genetics) allow her to work in the nutritional field with a much broader vision.
Alessia has as well a Certified course of Intestinal Microbiome by the University of California.
She believes that food goes beyond mere calories.
Working as a nutritionist means recommending foods based on the “Active ingredients” and the functions that they can perform on the body.
Plan a diet exploiting the potential of “Active molecules”, which are able to act directly on the DNA of human cells, regulating specific functions.
Nutrition is innovation and research for well-being improvement.