Retreats with Plexus offer incredible experiences that can truly make a difference in your life. From their signature workout classes that invigorate and challenge you physically, to workshops on biohacking and longevity that empower you to optimise your well-being, Plexus retreats provide a holistic approach to personal growth. These transformative experiences go beyond fitness and wellness, offering workshops on vision building, goal setting, and effective communication. Whether you’re seeking to improve your physical health, expand your knowledge, or enhance your interpersonal skills, Plexus retreats offer a comprehensive platform for self-improvement and self-discovery. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with valuable tools for a fulfilling life

Plexus & Tenuta di Paternostro

Join us Sunday, 11th of June for a day of enchantment and self-discovery. Experience an unforgettable journey with Plexus at Tenuta di Paternostro.In this land where the ancestral power of nature emanates deep healing energy, a herd of free horses runs through groves of indigenous olive trees and the sunset lingers on the boundless horizon.Deep immersion in an experience like no other: invigorating workouts, breathing sessions, crystal sound bath and engaging workshops on communication, reconnection, biohacking and longevity.A unique chance to transform your mind, body and soul.