Plexus method

No single method can ever resolve the complexity of challenges affecting our health: Age related degenerative processes Stress and environment related issues.
Activity or work-related problems (injuries, chronic pain, etc)
Most methods are based on short term “maquillage”, rather than long term deep transformation.


Plexus merges the best of key health disciplines into one unique and effective method, proven to prevent and resolve complex health issues.
With this method YOU Will BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. We take you from rehabilitation to athletic performance. The PLEXUS Method can help with:

Stability which prevents injuries

Cardiovascular Health

Muscular and Skeletal improvement through resistance exercises

Better mood

Toned and defined muscles

Better sleep

Jonathan Medros, born in Chicago is a renowned Pilates pioneer and boasts twenty years of extensive certified experience in different fields (physiotherapy, Pilates, Power Yoga and others).
The method is certified by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and has a track record of significant success.