Pilates Privates

Get your best results! A tailor-made program will help you feel better, be healthier and become stronger. In the first private session, all clients receive a postural assessment to identify muscle and skeletal imbalances. Knowing your muscle imbalances is the key to preventing future injuries and treating current conditions. Compared to a group lesson the advantage of the private lesson is that the instructor can establish a personalized program by creating a plan, even if necessary with the other Plexus experts, to meet your needs in the best way. It is a lesson suitable for all ages, also indicated for athletic training, pathologies of the skeletal muscular system, sports injury rehabilitation or during and after pregnancy.


Sharing the fun of a lesson together with a partner not only improves the efficiency of your workouts but constant motivation will help you stick to an exercise plan. A duet session consists of two people who simultaneously receive a Pilates lesson on all the equipment present in the studio. With a keen eye on security, we will focus on achieving your goals. Similar levels are useful for getting the most out of a duet session. If one or both travel frequently for work and / or have an irregular schedule, the duet lesson is not recommended.

Pilates Tower

Tower lessons are lessons with max three people in which you have the opportunity to perform the exercises not only with the Matwork, but with the wall units present in the studio. It is a full body workout without stressing the joints. The tower offers you the opportunity to not only increase body strength, but you feel more stretched and aligned. An incredibly versatile, dynamic, fun and powerful workout. The lessons are suitable for all levels

Pilates Matwork Online

Toning, flexibility, better posture, more efficient movement, the body/mind connection—just about every benefit the Pilates method has to offer can be achieved through mat work. Pilates equipment adds an element of moderate resistance training, which is important in your overall well-being. Pilates mat workout that incorporates the classic Pilates sequence is an exceptionally good workout that will provide the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits, not to mention, of course, that Pilates mat work is the ultimate in core workouts.