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Feeling the New Year challenge after indulging in holiday feasts? We have the solution for you! Join us for a transformative weekend designed to reset your gut and kickstart the year on a healthy note! Our retreat includes 6 workouts – Yoga, Pilates, and the Plexus Method, complemented by soothing Breathing and Meditation sessions. Dive into 3 enriching workshops, engaging cooking classes, and delectable recipes crafted by Teresa and Morgan. You will be immersed in the stunning ambiance of the Plexus studio, overlooking the vibrant Tiber Island and over three days, you’ll have unparalleled access to Morgan and Teresa, unlocking the secrets to resetting your gut after the holiday excesses. Our extraordinary cooking classes, curated by our skilled Morgan and nutritional talks will be fun and highly informative for you to learn how to be good with your gut! Teresa is a life and leadership coach and she will guide you through Workshops such as stress management and setting the intentions for the year.  For the people who have to work on Friday we organised a Hybrid model.


Teresa Fracasso, born in Heidelberg, Germany, is the co-founder of Plexus, a high-end health studio in Rome’s city center. She is an inspiring life coach with expertise in transformative coaching, effective communication, and fostering a growth mindset. particularly for CEOs. Fluent in English, German, and Italian, with a degree in communications, Teresa is also a certified third-generation Pilates and True Power Yoga teacher, co-creator of the trademarked fitness method Plexus. Her holistic coaching experience covers stress management, positive psychology, meditation, and reconnection techniques. 


Morgan Witkin is a Miami-born vegan chef living in Rome with a passion for food and wellness. Her mission is to inspire people to take care of their bodies and minds using delicious whole foods. Along with her time in the kitchen, Morgan is a certified health coach and holistic nutritionist. She runs wellness retreats throughout Europe and the world, personally curating the plant-based menus. Morgan hosted the first vegan cooking show in Italy on The Food Network, she caters for and teaches individuals and groups and lectures various courses at local Universities. She provides cooking demos and masterclasses while guiding transformative detox programs for clients throughout the world. Morgan’s food is a fusion of Mediterranean ingredients and flavors, paying homage to her adopted home of 15 years, Italy, with the philosophies and techniques of a more international holistic plant-based cuisine.

S. Yardas
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Thank you sp much for putting on this retreat. This weekend has been exactly what I needed. It's always nice to be regrounded in mindfulness and wellness!
K. Larsen
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Using tak a thousand thanks for this amazing weekend. For me, this was the perfect way to mark / celebrate a transition in my life. The combination of the specific physical activities, nature, emotional and health coaching was a wonderful experience.
L. Guthmann
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I really enjoyed the mix of workouts and workshops! It really inspired me to take many aspects of this retreat into real life. Thank you guys!