Beauty treatments and massages

Lidia Giannotta
Esthetician and massages

Our long experienced certified Esthetician Lidia, offers various types of massages and treatments in order to rejuvenate, energize and relax your body and mind. Her specialties include; meridian manipulation with the use of Bach remedies and Yoga lift for the face, a way to retrain the 57 facial muscles, and regain a rejuvenated appearance. In order to stimulate your endocrine system to work better, Lidia applies different massages such as; Basic Lymphatic drainage, Circulatory massage and relaxant massage. Based on your needs Lidia, will apply what works best for you. From a deep clean to vitamins, hyaluronic acids and mandelic acids she has a keen eye for different skin types. All products used are organic.

Our services

  • Basic body massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Circulatory massage            
  • Relaxant massage
  • Emotional and energetic massage with Bach remedies  
  • Plantar reflexology
  • Cleaning with vaporizer, massage and specific cream based on your needs.   
  • Regenerating anti aging treatment with mandelic acid
  • Revitalizing massages with Vitamins
  • Moisturizing treatment with hyaluronic acid
  • Nourishing with collagen elastin
  • Myopractic, Nuat and Orthomind Method