How Covid-19 impacts on Kids and Adolescence | Plexus

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The pandemic influenced and impacted our lives in a very strong way. Families found themselves confronted with situations that they never had lived before. In the acute phase of lockdown in Italy that was 60 days long, parents had to navigate to become home school teachers being together 24/7 days a week with no help except the partner. Many families had to live existential fears, worrying about the economic situation. Children had from one day to the other no social contact anymore, no school, no sports. They had to adapt in a whole new way of learning and being. As parents of 2 children we often asked ourselves what impact will this have on our children and what the aftermath of this regression will be?

We interviewed psychologist Daria Russo. She has worked in the field of counselling in Italy, United states and Australia since obtaining her psychology degrees. Daria recently wrote an article for an ‘Panorama della sanità’ an important health magazine in Italy, that had the title ‘parents and children in times of the pandemic’. We talked with her about the mental and physical well-being of family’s and asked some burning questions to a expert of the field. From how to deal with homeschooling and how to approach teenagers to how and why we develop game addiction and binge eat. Daria russo will have some useful tips for you that we all need in times of uncertainty.