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Teresa Fracasso

Teresa Fracasso, nata a Heidelberg (Germania), è insieme al marito Jonathan Medros il la co- fondatrice di Plexus. Teresa è cresciuta tra la Germania e l’Italia e proviene da un ambiente multiculturale. È laureata in scienzea della comunicazione e parla perfettamente inglese, tedesco e italiano. Teresa è un’insegnante di Pilates di terza generazione e si è certificata nella scuola di Patricia Medros, pioniera del Pilates in Italia. Teresa è anche un’insegnante certificata True Power Yoga e ha completato la sua formazione sotto Max Grossi, scelto dal fondatore di questo stile di Yoga, Mark Blanchard, come il primo e unico centro di formazione autorizzato per insegnanti di True Power Yoga in Europa.

As a mother of two, Teresa has experienced the benefit of practicing exercise before, during and after pregnancy, giving her a wealth of knowledge on this delicate niche in the fitness world. She attended a course through Yale University about the science of well-being and is a certified Health and Wellness coach through the institute of health and sciences London. Her mission is to further improve her client’s health in the best way possible.

Jonathan Medros

Jonathan is together with his wife the co-founder of Plexus. Born of an American mother and an Italian father, Jonathan grew up in Chicago. Jonathan studied classical literature at Evergreen State University in Seattle. He received a Masters degree in 2003 from the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome in Film Music Composition. Jonathan began his formal Pilates training course after many years of experience with his mother, Patricia Medros, a renowned pioneer of Pilates in Italy. Since then, Jonathan has made his passion for health and physical well-being his goal in life, constantly improving upon his knowledge by earning certifications in Physical Therapy (manual physical therapy and orthopedic physical therapy) through the NAIOMT institute, North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. Jonathan has developed his own method Plexus which is recognized by ASI and CONI. As of October 2021, Jonathan has opened his Plexus Method Teacher Training School.
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