UPlift in October


Join us for a captivating journey with Plexus and Lifted Living at Tenuta di Paternostro. Amidst this mystical realm, where ancient natural energies heal, wild horses roam among native olive trees, and sunsets cast timeless spells. Revitalize with invigorating fitness. Explore holistic nutrition with Morgan. Uplift your spirit with Teresa’s joy workshop. Elevate your well-being through mindful breathing and Sound healing. Dance and flow with Teresa Yoga sessions and Jon’s electrifying live DJ set.

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This Is Our Passion

What makes this program exceptionally special is the passionate vision of Olivia, the owner of Tenuta di Paternostro, who crafted this haven for wellness and rejuvenation out of her deep love for nature and healing. Alongside Olivia, participants will be guided by experienced experts like Jonathan, Teresa, and Morgan, each a master in their respective fields. People who embark on this journey can expect to emerge with a renewed sense of vitality, inner peace, and connection to the natural world. It’s an opportunity to tap into the expertise of these remarkable individuals and unlock the full potential of your well-being while forging lasting memories in this extraordinary setting.

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S. Yardas
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Thank you sp much for putting on this retreat. This weekend has been exactly what I needed. It's always nice to be regrounded in mindfulness and wellness!
K. Larsen
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Using tak a thousand thanks for this amazing weekend. For me, this was the perfect way to mark / celebrate a transition in my life. The combination of the specific physical activities, nature, emotional and health coaching was a wonderful experience.
L. Guthmann
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I really enjoyed the mix of workouts and workshops! It really inspired me to take many aspects of this retreat into real life. Thank you guys!