Giuseppina Gagliardi

Nutrition is a source of life and pleasure, a relationship that is born with us and lasts for a lifetime.

This relationship changes over time for biological, objective, and often even subjective reasons.

When this happens, when this relationship changes or is in difficulty, the nutritionist can intervene and help restore the physical and general balance of the body.

To project ‘nutrition with the 5 senses’ addresses with care and attention these situations.


The nutritional experience will be based on:

  • 1 meeting to get to know each other and draw up the personal project / food / health plan based on the psychophysical state of the moment and the person’s history (check recent clinical analyzes, related examinations). Delivery of the food plan by e-mail within 48/72 hours and 30 min videoconference to discuss it together. ( always)
  • n. variable subsequent meetings (to be decided case by case)
  • 1 final meeting to verify the result of the plan (always)


If appropriate and appreciated:

– n. 2 meetings in small groups (with 1 / more experts) to experience, “feel” and prepare food (cooking experience)

– n.1 / 2 meetings to taste food (experience of the 5 senses and food)



1992- TODAY: Nutrition – Consultant

1993-4: CONI: Collaboration in the drafting of the text “Nutrition and Sport”

1991-1993: Teacher, Food Science, Nursing School, Pertini Polyclinic

1990- 1993: Umberto I Polyclinic – Dietology Service


– Update on current diet therapy techniques

– Tasting courses: use of the 5 senses in nutrition

– Master in Obesity and Malnutrition, University of Rome, Rome, Italy, 1995

– Master in Food Science, University of Rome, Rome, Italy, 1992

– Degree in Biological Science, University of Florence, Florence, Italy, 1984

Affiliations / Awards / Scientific References

National Body of Biologists

National Institute of Nutrition

Italian Society of Human Nutrition